What does global citizenship mean to you?

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A global citizen is someone who is aware of the issues happening around the world and takes a part/action in it. Is also someone who respects and values diversity.
Mahmoud El-Obeid
The globalization that occured due to the advancement of IT that links the world together. We are now interconnected to each other and are from the same small world.
Global citizenship is more linked or connected to globalization. It is when you know or understand what it happening around you through media or technology etc, knowing your responsibilities within various communities.
i don't know what it is, i think it as something to do with something ll over the world, as the word 'global' describes. so something which is going on all over the world.
I don't know what global citizenship means but i think its something to do with human rights
im not quite sure,
but i think global citizenship means that all the countries make peace amongst themselves and amongst all the citenzens from around the world
Global Citizenship is the people living around the world as citizens
I think Global citizenship means to be together in one community with different people and be a good citizen
It Means To Have The Right To Live Anywhere Or Go Anywhere Without Permissions
Global citizenship meens that we are part of the same community
I think it means...
To exploit more peace to the world. Work as a 'team' with other people from around the world to improve your relations. Being a good citizen by helping those in need around the world. Learning about other culture and traditions around the world to get a better understanding of the world.
Global Citizenship apparently is the inner patriotism a human being feels being a part of a civilisation that consists of seven billion replicas of ourselves. Global citizenship is the sentiment that a human being gets when he is reminded about his dutiful responsibility to improve and satisfy the requirements to make this world, our globe a better place than what our ancestors have accomplished. Global Citizenship is a profound statement to promote global peace thorugh every single soul alive on this planet.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as global citizenship because the world cannot come to peace by making everyone a citizen of one particular country. Not everyone can be of one nation. If global citizenship existed, then no one would be able to distinguish between different countries. I think that global citizenship is defined as making the world’s population have one citizenship to avoid discrimination and build peace, which is highly unlikely.
i think global citizenship does not literally mean you are counted as a citizen of all the countries of the world but more about the way you are involved in the news and advancements of all the countries of the world. Due to globalization people from different countries int he world can contribute in global citizenship.
Global citizenship to me means global awareness and acceptance. It stands for open-mindedness, responsibility and respect in regard to the world and all those who live in it.