There are many resources to be used with ITGS. On this page I will be adding videos or links to different helpful applications.

Google Apps
This is a video which introduces all Google apps

This is an online bookmarking where you can save all your ITGS related articles, websites or videos
Delicious Website

The History of the internet
book about how the internet changed our lives.
Robot Snake
Robot snake that can climb trees and might be used for medical research
Mobil Phones in India Explode
Hackers in India are causing people's phone to expolde when they call them.
Ethical Issues of emerging ICT applications
Rescue us from backwardness
Arab News 07/11/2010
Students asked to pay for refurbishment of schools
Arab News 04/10/2010
Bloggers license remark causes stir
Arab News 25/09/2010
How secure is your password?
Internet Address System (IP Numbers) running out
Arab News 15/05/2010