1 - to - 1 E learning

A 1 to 1 laptop program is defined as an environment where students and teachers have 24 hour a day , 7 days a week access to a laptop computer as well as digital content, educational software, and digital authoring tools.

  • More organisation with notes for example: storing all files in one folder
  • allows to have more accessibility to different resources through the internet and through having the books online
  • sharing information with other students and turning in things electronically through emails or other programs
  • Easier to take notes during class
  • More exciting and the interactions with the teachers is phenomenal

  • The technology could become the focus and the actual content itself is lost
  • It replaces interpersonal communication and interpersonal interaction
  • Not as effective as non technological interactions might be as it takes the personal touch between one another
  • students sometimes use it for their own benefit whether using instant messaging, facebook etc
  • Less skilled in critical reading and thinking
  • students rely on the web to do the work for them like copy/paste

Social and Ethical issues:
  • Reliability of the systems used
  • Digital divide and equality of access
  • People and machine as students will now rely more on technology
  • Surveillance
  • Privacy of students

Hardware and Software needed for e learning: