Real life situations for the following themes

2.1 Transportation (Merna & Sara K)

2.2 Education and training
Distance learning over large areas
Hospitals, prisons, retirement homes, schools.

Use of IT in teaching and learning
Educational software, online research and forums, virtual learning environments (VLE), ebooks, Web 2.0 educational networks, use of mobile devices, game-based learning, fully immersive environments, filtering and monitoring of students’ internet use,1-to-1, m-learning.

Hardware and network technologies in the classroom
Laptop computers, handheld devices, interactive whiteboards.

Provision for special needs
Inclusive software, Braille keyboards, accessibility.

School administration
Record-keeping of staff and finances, libraries, student records, EDI (electronic data interchange).

2.4 Health
Medical research Global collaboration, database for the Human Genome Project, improving
patient rehabilitation.
Psychological and physical considerations Internet addiction, repetitive strain injury (RSI), ergonomics.
2.5 Home and leisure
2.6 Politics and government
Political processes: Online campaigning, voting, lobbying, fund-raising and advertising.
Government information sites For example, travel warnings, tourist information, environmental information and warnings, government policies, city government websites.
Access to, and updating of, personal information held on government databases:
Collection, storage and updating of personal data: for example, driving licence, TV licence, Tax returns, passport applications and renewals, medical records, military service records,social security information , online police records.(Merna & Hend)
Government control and use of information Censorship, data matching across agencies, archiving, biometric data, national identity cards.
Law and order Police surveillance, terrorist monitoring, DNA data.(Saeed)
Military Cyberwarfare, smart weapons, espionage, battlefield technology.
Social and Ethical issues related to Politics and government
Main IT system used in Politics/Government and their evolution throughout the year (Sara K), Schools(kerr)