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Secured Online Direct Reservation System
Hotel Le Manoir Bogota Launches New Reservation System
Giving credit card information online can be risky, Hotel Le Manoir decides to launch a new integrated reservation system to ensure guests information will be kept safe. Article describes steps. -Sara K.
Charged Twice For Same Hotel Room
Women Gets Charged Twice For Same Hotel Room
This article shows how a woman books her hotel room online and a few months later they charge her credit card again. -Sara K.
It takes seconds to make a fake website.

Fake website 'takes seconds' to set up

Setting up a copycat website to sell fake goods (Or in this case, seats and merchandise) only takes a few seconds, according to a computer expert- Mahmoud
Website with (text only) instructions on how to book online.
How online Booking Words
It could be used as it's not a video and can be printed - Mahmoud